Going cashless – Smart move by vending industry!

Vending machine industry is growing and progressing at a rocket pace. With millions of people joining the bandwagon every year, the industry surely shows highest growth curve. Technical advances and changing times have made this industry one of the most lucrative ones. Going cashless is another class act by the vending industry.

Vendors in Australia are fast drifting towards creating digital money. Apart from the touch screen display, the intelligent machines are gradually ruling out physical currency by brining smart card systems on board. With many vendors switching to these machines for ease of inventory and monitoring operations, the technically rich machines are climbing the popularity charts at a jet speed.

There are many reasons for the euphoric craze of these machines. First of all, you don’t have to carry cash and so, can purchase snacks & drinks any time and anywhere. All you have to do is carry your credit or smart card and swipe it on the machine. Also, these machines can be availed everywhere, be it airports, hospitals, schools etc. Moreover, there is no issue of currency exchange and people from different countries can access these machines without any issue.

Benefits of cashless vending machines:

Convenience: It offers absolutely convenience to the customers. They can travel anywhere and buy snacks and drinks while making payment through their smart cards. This way there is no urgency of cash and you get your favourite food or drink.

Ease of operation: These machines are easy to operate. All you have to do is swipe your card and make the payment. This simple and easy way of buying snacks and drinks is becoming more and more popular.

Reliability: Again this is a reliable mode of monetary transaction. The customer information is encrypted and is not used anywhere else. Moreover the payment medium is also very safe one making such vending machines a more reliable option.

No machine jamming issue: In coin operated vending machines, there are issues of machines getting jammed resulting in endless wait. This issue is absolutely ruled out in machines with card systems. In addition, the transactions are faster and thus save a lot of time.

All these benefits and technical evolution suggest the leaping growth of vending machine industry. According to the statistics, an estimated 15-20% rise in sales has been recorded in machines with card systems. Thus, cashless vending is really a smart choice by vending machine businesses.

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