How free vending machine sellers make money???

The idea of providing free vending machines seemed bizarre to me at the first place. It always pinched me that for what reason under the earth would someone offer vending machines for free. I mean how can this business operate on a total loss basis. But, there is a lot behind the scene which suggests that vendors actually make money by providing these costless machines.

Why and how sellers sell free vending machines?

Why and how sellers earn money out of free vending machines is what we will check out today. Well, most of the time machine installation is free of cost but the service and maintenance contract is charged. The technical support given for the smooth functioning of machines is charged which is a fair practice as one gets a free machine and only need to pay for regular servicing.

Brand promotion is another big reason how sellers can drag in big moolah. Through these machines the vendors promote big product brands and earn in good deal of money. If one has technically advanced machine then they can be configured to play videos and advertisements of different products for which they get paid. Moreover, awareness campaigns can also be run on these machines.

Coming to promotions and awareness campaigns, many companies actually run healthy food and eating campaigns through these machines. This form of giving social message in the public interest is also supported by government and businesses. The next leap would be to multiply the machines to make more money through servicing contracts.

Approach of free vending machine sellers?

Most of the time the idea behind selling free vending machines is also to promote one’s business. The approach is to work at a broader scale and carve a niche for themselves. Again the part of installing healthy vending machines make them popular and get more number of customers. Thus, to conclude free vending machine sellers have a good business and future!

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