‘Sing for me’ Vending Machine

Coca Cola has introduced ‘Sing for me’ vending machine. This vending machine dispenses free bottles of coke zero for a Christmas Carol. Placed at The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, this machine has been developed  by a renowned ad agency, JMW Stockholm.

Students were invited to belt out in front of the machine and it will dispense a bottle of coke for you. So, people will have one more reason to sing this Christmas. Coca Cola rolled out hug vending machine earlier this year, that dispensed coke for a hug. Friendship vending machine was also introduced by Coca Cola which required two or more people to extend your reach to the coin insertion slot which was at the top of 3.5 meter tall machine.

The machine’s popularity became viral in time and it recorded 800 cokes sold in merely 9 hours which was 1075% higher than that of Coke’s regular drink vending machines. Prior to that, Coke also set up a Happiness Machine for couples in a shopping mall in Istanbul. There was only one way to get it working. Couples had to prove that they are indeed a couple.

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